Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Install a font

How to install a font?

Fonts are installed with Operating Systems , not with applications(though a few applications come with their own fonts). Hence we should install font in the Operating system's root folder.
To install a font,Go to
Start->Settings->Control Panel->Appearance and Themes->Fonts (The fonts button would be seen in the right top hand corner if you are using category view)
Start->Settings->Control Panle->Fonts(if your are using classic view)
you may simply open Internet explorer and type or copy
Control Panel/Fonts

This would display the Fonts folder in your root directory.Now follow the steps

  • Go to File->Install font
  • Select the folder where font files are located by navigating through the DRIVES: box
  • Now the list of fonts box displays all the fonts available that are not installed (The list displays the fonts found only in the directory you specified)
  • Now select the fonts you wish to install and CLICK OK to install the fonts. (Hold the CTRL key to select different fonts at the same time)
To uninstall a font, simply delete the font using the delete key

A few websites automatically installs fonts in your fonts folder. Installing such fonts is not necessary.

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